RadCom May 2020, Vol. 96, No. 5

ML&S No. 1 FOR SDR RADIO Click www.HamRadio.co.uk for our full range of SDR products NEW ANAN-7000DLE MkII i7 100W HF+6M TRANSCEIVER FLEX 6400: £2099.95 FLEX 6400M: £3099.00 FLEX 6600: £3999.95 FLEX 6600M: £4999.00 Flex Maestro Controller: £1299.95 Advanced SDR available with or without front panels. Elad fdm-duo Dual Tuner 14-bit SDR. Dual-Tuner wideband full feature 14-bit SDR, 1kHz to 2GHz, 10MHz of spectrum visibility. Simultaneously monitor 2 separate 2MHz bands of spectrum between 1kHz and 2GHz. 3 software selectable antenna inputs, & clocking features ideally suited to industrial, scientific, Ham & educational applications. Windows 10. SDrplay RSPduo NEW SunSDr2dx See www.HamRadio.co.uk/RSPDUO Following on from the previous range, the new 64/6600 series offer the latest SDR technology housed in a stylish cabinet with or without the inbuilt colour screen and control functions. The ultimate performance direct sampling SDR technology and the best value for the serious HF/6m operator. Designed for the Ham who wants to operate the radio exclusively as a server from PC, laptop, Maestro, Mac, or iOS clients – whether local or remote. www.HamRadio.co.uk/fdmduoR Receive only version also available: £729.95 Also available in special red edition: £974.95 The FDM-DUO is a game-changer - a top-end SDR with dials and knobs! This transceiver has a 5W output that can operate as a stand-alone unit, without a PC! The small transceiver is equipped with the latest SDR technology . See: www.HamRadio.co.uk/flex The ANAN-7000DLE MKII monoblock SDR transceiver incorporates an Intel 8th Generation i5/i7 core computer, the SDR client software is pre-loaded and calibrated making the unit completely Plug & Play! Unlike other Software Defined Radios which incorporate embedded processing with limited capabilities and no upgrade path, the ANAN-7000DLE MKII uses a powerful Intel 8th Generation Quad core SoC and Windows 10. See: www.HamRadio.co.uk/7000DLE MkII 1kHz-2GHz & 10MHz BW. Brand new design, the RSP1A is a major upgrade to the popular RSP1 offering a powerful wideband full featured SDR covering 1kHz to 2GHz & up to 10MHz visible bandwidth. Better still, it’s “Built & Designed in Britain”!! SDrplay RSP-1a ZUMspot RPi All ZUMspot Packages supplied by ML&S Include: ZUMspot Pi UHF Board, UHF Antenna, Raspberry Pi Zero WH, MMDVM software and Plastic Case ML&S are the sole UK distributors for the new ZUMspot RPi, an advanced radio module board. For more info see HamRadio .co.uk/ZUMspot The ZUM-Spot USB new from KI6ZUM, uses the very popular BlueDv software to create a very versitile and simple to setup PC based hotspot. The ZUM USB comes ready to go with a small antenna and a very classy high quality case, it is a huge upgrade on the very popular DV4Mini and the BlueDV software is the cherry on the cake. Zum Spot USB! Spring Offer! Buy either a 6400 or 6400M & receive 30% off an internal ATU. ML&S - the World’s largest independent Flex dealer COME AND SEE OUR DISPLAY UNIT FOR THE FLEX RANGE OF SDR TRANSCEIVERS SHUTTLEXPRESS SDR Multifunction Wheel Inexpensive customisable wheel that can be configured for use with various SDR programmes. www.HamRadio.co.uk/sdrplaydx SDRplay RSPdx Mid-range SDRplay Radio. Complete redesign of the popular mid-range RSP2pro 1kHz–2GHz receiver. Multiple antenna selection, Improved pre-selection filters, Even more software, Selectable attenuation steps, Special HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode for reception at frequencies below 2MHz. HF/6m/2m Transceiver. The most innovative small-form factor SDR transceiver from Expert Electronics. HF-6-2m, 100W/50W/4-slice receiver, 80MHz Bandscope. ASSEMBLED AND TESTED: £159.95 ZumSpot RPi Duplex (Top Board Only) Zum AMBE Server (Board Only) Allows for audio transcoding for DSTAR, DMR, Fusion, P25 and NXDN. It also supports some variants of dPMR. Zumspot Dualband RPi (Board only - case included) Advanced Radio Module Board. Paired with a Raspberry Pi and the MMDVM software becomes a small and efficient multi-mode digital hotspot. Featuring DMR, D-Star, C4FM, P25 & NXDN Hotspot. M L & S R A P I D D E L I V E R Y V E H I C L E ML&S PRICE: ONLY £2099.95 SEE WEB FOR LATEST LOW PRICE Click: HamRadio .co.uk/sdr2dx ML&S PRICE: ONLY £239.95 ML&S PRICE: ONLY £194.95 ML&S PRICE: ONLY £1299.95 ML&S PRICE: ONLY £1449.95 ML&S PRICE: ONLY £159.95 ML&S PRICE: ONLY £149.94 ML&S PRICE: ONLY £169.96 ML&S PRICE: ONLY £109.95 ML&S PRICE: ONLY £929.95 ML&S PRICE: ONLY £3699.95 ALSO AVAILABLE, ANAN 7000DLE MKII WITHOUT INTERNAL I7 PC. £2999.95 ML&S PRICE: ONLY £94.95 ML&S PRICE: ONLY £44.95 The next generation of transceivers from FlexRadio Wessex House, Drake Avenue, Staines, Middlesex TW18 2AP E-mail: sales@hamradio.co.uk Opening Hours: Mon - Fri: 8.30am to 5pm. Sat: 9am to 4.30pm. International Tel: +44 1932 567 333 0345 2300 599 www.HamRadio.co.uk MARTIN LYNCH & SONS LTD SAFE ONLINE SHOPPING. E&OE The WORLD’S FAVOURITE HAMSTORE All Baby Loops now come pre-installed with RS-232 modules worth £79.95! Huge demand for this product! Comes supplied as standard with UK 24V power supply. New version has RS-232 module pre-installed - worth £79.95! Continuous coverage from 3.5MHz to 14.5MHz. New ATU Loop Antenna Contoller 2.0 ver 232 New 32-bit CPU new LCD 16x2 high contrast keyboard USB fully automatic with RS-232. Ciro Mazzoni Baby Loop Ciro Mazzoni MIDI Loop