RadCom May 2020, Vol. 96, No. 5

200W HF/50MHz Base Station Transceiver with Dual TFT Display and Dual Receiver. Dual Band Handie with unique APRS, D-Star & HF SSB receive coverage. 160-6m Base with ATU. Upgraded version HF & 6M FULL DSP Base Transceiver ML&S Officially Appointed the UK Sole Distributor & Repair Workshop for JVC-Kenwood’s Ham Radio Products KENWOOD TH-D74E KENWOOD TS-590SG KENWOOD TS-990S LOOKING FOR COMMERCIAL GRADE DMR FROM YOUR FAVOURITE STORE? The Icom IC-7610 is a complete redesign of the former IC-7600 following on from the huge success of the IC-7300. 100W, Dual band receive and a huge widescreen display. ICOM IC-7610 ICOM IC-7851 Built to order like its predecessor, the new IC-7851 is set to be a master-class transceiver of the highest order. Based on the Limited production run and very exclusive IC-7850, the IC-7851 is available today to order. Top prices paid on all trade-ins. HF/50MHz Base Station Transceiver Latest 2/70 D-Star Touch Screen Transceiver from Icom. Bluetooth connectivity and second station control through an Android device. KENWOOD TS-890S HF/50MHZ/70MHZ BASE STATION TYT MD-UV380 DUAL BAND VHF/UHF DMR HANDHELD 137-174/400-480MHz DMR Handie 5W. FULL operation on HF/6m/4m (yes, it really has 70MHz!) Full Down Conversion RX H-mode Mixer High C/N 1st LO t Built-in Roofing Filters t 500Hz / 2.7kHz / 6kHz / 15kHz t 7-inch Colour Display t Roofing Frequency Sampling Band Scope t Auto Scroll Mode t Multi Information Screen t 100W Heavy Duty Built-in Antenna Tuner AVAILABLE NOW, SEE WWW.HAMRADIO.CO.UK/TS890S Enter the new digital age in style with the TYT MD-UV380 DMR Digital Portable Two Way Radio! t Further evolved RF direct sampling method. t &YDFMMFOU 3.%3 E# SFBMJTFE t %VBM XBUDI GVODUJPO DBO SFDFJWF simultaneously in different bands and different modes. t %*(* 4&- VOJU UIBU FMJNJOBUFT FYDFTTJWFMZ strong signals is installed in the main and sub of the receiving section. t )JHI TQFFE SFBM UJNF TQFDUSVN TDPQF BOE waterfall display function. t JODI GVMM DPMPVS UPVDI QBOFM CALL TODAY FOR OUR BEST OFFER NEW ICOM IC-R8600 ML&S ONLY £2499.95 New 100kHz-3GHz Receiver with SDR technology from IC-7300. ML&S : £3199.95 INCLUDING FREE MC-43 MICROPHONE ICOM ID-5100 HF/6m/4m/2m/ 70cm dstar Base & Mobile Transceiver with remote control head unit. ML&S STOCK THE FULL RANGE OF NEW ICOM PRODUCTS ICOM IC-9700 2/70/23 BASE STATION ON DEMONSTRATION & AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE SHIPPING. EXCELLENT PART-EXCHANGE DEALS. These VHF/UHF All-Mode Direct Sampling transceivers sport the absolute latest technology. t All mode, tri-band transceiver covering .)[ .)[ BT XFMM BT ()[ t 4VQQPSUT $8 ". 44# '. 355: BOE D-STAR Digital Voice and Digital Data modes t .)[ BOE .)[ CBOE JT EJSFDU TBNQMJOH 5IF ()[ VTFT EPXO conversions as well. t 'VMM EVQMFY PQFSBUJPO %VBM 8BUDI OP VHF/VHF or UHF/UHF capability.) t 1" XJMM QSPWJEF B QPXFSGVM 8 .)[ 8 .)[ BOE 8 .)[ PVUQVU t w UPVDITDSFFO DPMPVS 5'5 -$% t 4NPPUI TBUFMMJUF PQFSBUJPO XJUI OPSNBM reverse tracking and 99 satellite channels t % 45"3 QSPWJEFT DMFBS EJHJUBM BVEJP t 7PJDF SFDPSEJOH QMBZCBDL GVODUJPO 4% memory card) t "VEJP TDPQF t $8 GVMM CSFBL JO KENWOOD TS-480 KENWOOD TM-D710GE ICOM IC-7100 SEE WEB FOR THE VERY BEST PACKAGE DEAL The IC7300 sports HF+6m+4m coverage, it’s 100W, houses an eye-catching touchscreen TFT display and includes an internal antenna tuner. ICOM IC-7300 100 Watt - HF/50/70MHz TRANSCEIVER with SSB / CW / RTTY / AM / FM The World’s Best Selling SDR Base )JHI RVBMJUZ 3' JOUFSGBDF NPEVMF BMMPXJOH UIF *DPN *$ UP IBWF B QVSF 3' TJHOBM PVUQVU GPS DPOOFDUJPO UP BO FYUFSOBM 4%3 SFDFJWFS £189.95 PTRX-7300 Now available from stock -BVODIFE BU UIF 5PLZP )BN 'BJS UIJT BNB[JOH OFX BMM NPEF iBMM CBOET JO POF CPYw 8BUU transportable with internal battery is a full SDR all-mode with large bright touch screen display, *DPN T 5XJO 1#5 TVQFSC CBOE TDPQF ESTIMATED PRICE TO BE £1200 INC VAT ICOM ANNOUNCE NEW IC-705 HF/6/4/2/70 SDR 10W TRANSPORTABLE! Latest release from Icom Japan. ETA April 2020! FREE CASE WITH EVERY TH-D74E Full Down Conversion and Roofing Filters Promise the Best Performance of Your DX Life. 2/70 DMR & FM 50W/45W APRS, digital roaming & Bluetooth. (Bluetooth) / 3100. Digital DMR Dual- band Handheld Commercial Radio. ANYTONE AT-D578UV ANYTONE AT-D878UV PLUS SEE WEB FOR OUR LATEST SPECIAL OFFER ML&S PRICE: ONLY £999.95 ML&S PRICE: ONLY £574.95 ML&S PRICE: ONLY £549.95 ML&S PRICE: ONLY £199.95 ML&S PRICE: ONLY £349.95 RRP: £139.95 MLS £89.95 ML&S PRICE: ONLY £1369.95 ML&S PRICE: ONLY £549.95 TS-480SAT: £829.95 TS-480HX: £899.95 ML&S PRICE: ONLY £5549.95 SEE WEB FOR OUR LATEST SPECIAL OFFER FM Dual Bander. Built-in GPS and APRS. Ideal for both base station and DX’ing.