RSGB Band Plan (effective from 1st January 2018)
Access to this band requires an appropriate NoV, which is available to Full Licensees only
Note that the current NoVs last for up to one year prior to expiry on 31st October
For further information see the 146-147 MHz FAQ or contact
146-147 MHz  Necessary  UK Usage
(2m extension) Bandwidth  
146.000-146.900 MHz 500kHz Wideband Digital Modes (High speed data , DATV etc)
    146.500 MHz   Centre frequency for wideband modes (Note 1)
146.900-147.000 12kHz Narrowband Digital Modes including Digital Voice
    146.9375       Not available in/near Scotland (see Licence Notes & NoV terms) 
Note-1: Users of wideband modes must ensure their spectral emissions are contained with the band limits
LICENCE NOTES:  Full Licensees only, with NoV, 50W erp max - not available in the Isle of Man or Channel Isles
Note that additional restrictions on geographic location, antenna height and upper frequency limit are specified by the NoV terms
It should be emphasised that this band is UK-specific and is available on a non-interference basis to existing services.
Upper Band limit 147.000 MHz (or 146.93750 where applicable) are absolute limits and not centre frequencies
The absolute band frequency limit in or within 40km of Scotland is 146.93750 MHz - see NoV schedule
Notes to the Band Plan
ITU-R Recommendation SM.328 (extract)
Necessary bandwidth: For a given class of emission, the width of the frequency band which is just sufficient to 
ensure the transmission of information at the rate and with the quality required under specified conditions.