RSGB Band Plan (effective from 1st June 2016)
The following band plan is largely based on that agreed at IARU Region 1 General Conferences with some local differences on
on frequencies above 430 MHz.
10 MHz (30m) Neccesary UK Usage
10,100-10,130 kHz 200 Hz Telegraphy (CW)
    10,116 kHz - QRP (low power) Centre of Activity
10,130-10,150 500 Hz Narrow band modes 
    Automatically controlled data stations (unattended) should avoid the use of the 10 MHz band
The 10 MHz band is allocated to the Amateur Service only on a Secondary basis.  The IARU has agreed that only CW and other  
narrow bandwidth modes are to be used on this band.   Likewise the band is not to be used for contests and bulletins.
SSB may be used on the 10 MHz band during emergencies involving the immediate safety of life and property, and only by stations 
actually involved with the handling of emergency traffic.   The band segment 10,120-10,140 kHz may only be used for SSB   
transmissions in the area of Africa south of the equator during local daylight hours. 
LICENCE NOTES: Amateur Service - Secondary User. 
Notes to the Band Plan
ITU-R Recommendation SM.328 (extract)
Necessary bandwidth: For a given class of emission, the width of the frequency band which is just sufficient to 
ensure the transmission of information at the rate and with the quality required under specified conditions.
Foundation and Intermediate Licence holders are advised to check their licences for the permitted power limits and 
conditions applicable to their class of licence.