RSGB Band Plan (effective from 1st January 2018)
IARU Region-1 does not have a formal band plan for this allocation, but has a usage recommendation (Note-1)
Access to this band is available to Full Licensees only
472 kHz (600m) Necessary  UK Usage
472-479 kHz 500 CW, QRSS and narrow-band digital modes (Note-1)
Note-1: Usage recommendation: - 472-475 kHz CW-only 200Hz max BW, 475-479 kHz - CW & Digimodes
Note-2: It should be emphasised that this band is available on a non-interference basis to existing services.
UK amateurs should be aware that some overseas stations may be restricted in their use of transmit frequency in order
avoid interference to nearby radionavigation service Non-Directional Beacons
LICENCE NOTES:   Amateur Service Secondary User. Full Licensees only - 5 Watts eirp maximum
Note that specific conditions regarding this band are specified by the Licence Schedule notes
R.R. 5.80B  The use of the frequency band 472-479 kHz in Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belarus, China, Comoros,
Djibouti, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, the Russian Federation, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania,
Oman, Uzbekistan, Qatar, Syrian Arab Republic, Kyrgyzstan, Somalia, Sudan, Tunisia and Yemen is limited to the
maritime mobile and aeronautical radionavigation services. The amateur service shall not be used in the above-mentioned
countries in this frequency band, and this should be taken into account by the countries authorizing such use. (WRC 12)