RSGB Band Plan (effective from 1st January 2022)
The following band plan is largely based on that agreed at IARU Region 1 General Conferences with some local differences on
on frequencies above 430 MHz.
136 kHz Necessary  UK Usage
135.7-137.8 kHz 200 CW, QRSS and narrow-band digital modes
LICENCE NOTES:   Amateur Service - Secondary User.     
  1 Watt (0 dBW) erp
R.R. 5.67B  The use of the band 135.7-137.8kHz in Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Syrian Arab Republic
Sudan, South Sudan and Tunisia is limited to fixed and maritime mobile services.  The amateur service shall not be used
in the above-mentioned countries in the band 135.7-137.8kHz, and this should be taken into account by the 
countries authorising such use (WRC-19)